How to Choose the Best Wi-Fi Router

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Lately I get more and more questions related how to choose the best wi-fi router, set up and connect to the Internet, and after thereof sits and suffers from disconnection, slow speed of the connection itself (below the stated the rate), packet loss and other not highly enjoyable Labuda. When I say that the problem is most likely related to the fact that this is the router (or nearly the most) expensive member of the family routerovyh svitchevyh subspecies, the person, as a rule, much surprised. And for good reason.

We are in this article will go just about how to choose the right router, or rather, that rely on when choosing and buying. What features are worth watching what price ranges to choose which firms have proven themselves in the market and all that stuff you need for the correct purchase.

Few introductory words about what a router

router_linksys_wrt160n_802_11nOf course, in this article I assume that you imagine that there is a router in general and he in your home is. For those who can not imagine, an excerpt from Wikipedia:

Router or Router – network device based on the information about the network topology and certain rules to make decisions on sending network layer packets (OSI layer 3) between different network segments.

In simple words, it is such an electronic box, which in one hole (WAN-port) is stuck online and other (LAN-ports) stuck all computers.

Thus, the Internet appears stuck on all computers, and between computers and even “produced” LAN. Sometimes, by the way, this box still has the antenna (sometimes, it is true, built-in), which make it possible to connect wirelessly, ie Wi-Fi.

Price category routers. Do not skimp on network equipment

At the time, I, like many others, greatly mistaken, buying cheap routers. Err because they are lying now on my shelf in a particular state, and on the total value of carried away with the amount that is equivalent to one normal device, which, by the way, is now standing in the room and gives the Internet, crunching torrent happily splayed antenki Wi-Fi in all directions. When buying at that time I relied mainly on the opinion of people who are not very well versed in network equipment (as is the percentage of population * tsat Internet), screaming at the forum in response to the question “Recommend a good quality router?” something in the spirit of “Bury the cheapest, they are all the same, do not throw a ton of $ on Gigabit super-mega-Cisco routers.”

riuter1Market law often states that the good thing is expensive. This is not always true, but in most cases the way it is. On routers, this law is most effective, and therefore one of the key criteria when buying a router for you to be, oddly enough, is the name of the price.

The fact that many counselors (of which I have mentioned above), probably happily believe that a router – a magical device like a keyboard, set, thrust, and so happy, they say, all business-and functions there – one, two and miscalculated . In fact it is not. They forget (or do not know) that this is the box is, relatively speaking, almost a full-fledged computer, with its own processor, memory and operating system, and that all this is in the amount determines the final quality (performance, stability, function), for each filling of the elements of the router has its own characteristics. In connection with this, by the way, as aforesaid can be heated, hang, reboot and other typical computer suffer diseases caused by poor-quality filling and cheap execution.

You do not buy for myself the most, the cheapest computer games? It is obvious that, as a rule, if you do not collect himself, then he would pull toys weak, and these or it will slow down or even not start at all. With routers similarly. Someone might say that, say, compared a full-fledged 3D-applications and the distribution of the Internet – it’s strange and inappropriate. In fact – is appropriate to slightly more than fully, because the router is not just performs a “mythical” distribution of the Internet between computers – it operates on a very solid amount of data using encrypted protocols, mailing analyzing a bunch of packets and connections, protecting you from attacks by the built-in firewall, giving Wi-Fi over encrypted connections (and the encryption go to any output device) and doing other important things.

In short, the router with a weak filling will be easy to build you thousands of problems, the most unpleasant of which is:

Cropped speed, ie, instead of, say, declared at the rate of 30/30 Mbit / s in both directions (pumping / return), the router provides 16/4 Mbit / s. And the blame for this is not the provider, namely iron router.
Constant freezes, restart, disconnection. Especially important when working with torrents.
Stripped down the speed of Wi-Fi and a small coverage area (there were in my practice are cases when people could not banal through one wall to use Wi-Fi, ie, the signal power is not enough to cover something more than one room)
Weak protection against viruses, intruders and other things, because at a cheap router is rarely a good firewall
The lack of interesting and useful functions, like connecting flash drives, network printers and other joys of life.

In general, in the direction of the total, let’s move on to the recommendations.
At that rely when choosing a router. Features and other

Let’s go through the main criteria when choosing. What to look for, how to look, and what choices to make.

    Reviews on the Internet

kak-vybrat-router-wi-fi-tp-link The most important and the main criterion, then the characteristics are reviews and they alone. That is, you choose an interesting model for your router, go to the link, enter the name of the device, and then the long and hard to read reviews. They are, as a rule, clearly indicate any shortcomings and advantages of the device.

The first thing you should notice is the mention of the fact that it “cuts” speed. Typically, routers about the quality of such words does not say or if they say, the rare (often signified do not particularly power users), but about the actual frail devices at once and write a lot;
The second thing you should pay attention – stability, ie, if they write that the router crashes, reboots or cut speed, it is obvious that it is simply filling can not cope with the load, and therefore, the device is far from ideal and most all the problems with it you will have plenty;
The third thing you should pay attention – work with torrents. In fact, this point follows from the first two, and when people write that the router hangs at startup torrents, then, in general, everything to him is clear – weak stuffing, etc;
Fourth, what is worth paying attention to, is the work of Wi-Fi-connection. Typically, write speed and coverage in a certain number of devices. It is important to understand that the power of the signal given off by the router and the receiver – are different, ie, the router can give full speed to 100Mb / s, but the device does not receive it over 20Mb / s.

And, of course, see how many reviews of this or that party, as well as the number of times by pressing the “Yes” or “No” on this review. The easiest way to take a piece of paper, write down in two columns the pros and cons, and then looking at the responses to place a pencil mark, as mentioned just how much time the other mentioned.
Filling and characteristics
We are primarily interested in the three characteristics, namely, RAM, CPU and FLASH. I would not recommend taking the routers with the amount of memory (RAM) at least 64 MB (but it is back to back, and therefore the best from 128 or more), the processor is not weaker than 240MHz (better again, more powerful, for example 500 or more) and FLASH-memory 16 (ideally 32). Given that the sellers rarely show these characteristics, then look in advance the documentation on the manufacturer’s website, or look on the Internet. Sample characteristics:

Unit RAM = 128 MB (2x 64MB – Samsung K4N511163QZ-HC25 or 2x 64MB – Samsung K4T51163QG-HCE6)
Unit Flash = 32 MB (MACRONIX MX29GL256EHTI2I-90Q)
Unit NVRAM = 32K
Unit CPU = Broadcom 4716, 533 MHz (Factory clocked to 480MHz)

In the search engines it is best to look for [ “model name” + word “specifications”], ie, for example, “ASUS N-16 specifications” (without the quotes). Then have a look at English-language sites, as a rule, often filling point there .. Or, again, look at the manufacturer’s website, although it is not always divided into such detail. By the way, the table on some ASUS routers have here.

Among other features, if you are critical coverage area and the number of devices that can connect to the router at full speed, then pay attention to the power of the transmitter (usually specified in units dBM), as well as their number and location (inside the body or outside ).
    Supported protocols
asus  Providers now use a variety of protocols for the provision of Internet services, and therefore sometimes necessary to pay attention, whether these should support the device you selected. Those providers that the bigger and more powerful, as a rule, give the Internet via PPTP or L2TP. Who is smaller – by PPPoE, although I have not seen such a long time since. Well, of course, ADSL-protocol, which is the Internet through the telephone network.
routeraVprochem protocol, special attention should be paid to the L2TP, as the aforesaid standard is supported, not every router. By what protocol works your provider, specify the service desk, or on the provider’s website – they podskazhut.Chto regard to standard Wi-Fi, then there is reference to the provider itself is not, because distribution of Wi-Fi router is engaged in myself, but it is best to rely on the support of as many encryption protocol (WEP, WPA, WPA2, etc.). Again, it is useful to see whether or not the one or the other standard device to be on Wi-Fi to connect to the router;
The freshness of the latest official firmware, as well as the availability of alternative
Regarding the availability of firmware, then all is simple: open the manufacturer’s website and see where you can download driver / firmware / software for your router model. As a rule, it is the “Support” section. It is important to pay attention to when the release of the latest firmware and how they all came out (these two characteristics tend to indicate that on the device is working, it is not taken out of production for the manufacturer, it is important for the “quality = sales” and therefore the quality is raised due to software updates, bug fixes in it and all of the others). Plus or minus two years of firmware in general tolerant: the firmware update date routeraTak also very important to have alternative firmware on the Internet from third-party manufacturers, for they are often more convenient in terms of management, as well as, importantly, improve and add the device functionality, raise the rate of work (sometimes very significantly), stability and lot more. Alternative firmware can be found on the query in search engines [ “model name” + phrase “alternative firmware”];
The number of antennas, if you need a good Wi-Fi
Unnecessarily many lazy to understand the power and so on – there is one criterion by which to define good Wi-Fi power (and sometimes even the router), – the number of antennas. The more actually better. Ideally, there should be three things, with the possibility to send in the right direction;
My advice – ASUS, sometimes Zyxel, but, anyway, time on time is not necessary, look, as I wrote above, reviews, specifications and so on.

What else? Perhaps that will be enough. Here, of course, more could be said about all there extra bun, like a built-in print server, but it is everyone’s business.

In general, of course, the choice is always worth doing, based on need, because if you just need something to distribute any speed internet to other computers, then, in general, stable enough for the simplest models.

Homemade Carpet Cleaner

Each of us understands that regular cleaning should be followed in every home, but not all do. In addition, the most unloved and tiring occupation is cleaning the carpet, which should be done more often.

The fact that this is not just a fad, and really is a very important recommendation. If you do clean the carpet from time to time, in the future we will be faced with a stubborn deep mud to clean off you have to use strong chemicals.

The content of the article:

• What is the best detergent to buy?
• Reviews
• Folk remedies – Video

To clean the carpet to make it even easier, you should first understand what types of carpet there and how each of them is better to clean. So, there are the following types of coverage: woven carpet, tufted and needle-punched.

How clean the carpet at home

Woven carpet – the most durable and very easy to clean, as durable and structurally resembles an ordinary carpet. Tufted carpet, its woven base sewn piled yarns that can be layered and have a different height. Therefore, it is clean carpet cover is very heavy.
Which detergent to the carpet is better to buy?

It is very important to choose the right carpet cleaner, since, firstly carpet is not a cheap pleasure, and secondly it is very easy to damage the wrong care. In this article we describe the popular and more effective means to help in this matter, and you can see the readers’ reviews.
Tool for carpet cleaning “Cinderella”

Tool for carpet cleaning “Cinderella” tool is used for cleaning and removing difficult stains from carpets and upholstery. It can also be used for thorough cleaning of the car.

How to use: Before using the liquid should be diluted with water at 4 cup means you need to take four liters of warm water. Liquid to whip until foam and then apply it on the contaminated surface and rub with a sponge, you can use a brush. When the vehicle is dry, carpet should be thoroughly vacuumed. Before you start cleaning, dilute a means to test on a small area of the carpet to check its color stability to the tool.

Tonya: Recently used the “Cinderella” means to remove stains on a light sofa. Sofa old enough and slightly darkened. Liquid from the bottle bred strictly according to instructions. It looked like a good lather and dishwashing detergent. The pre-tested it on an inconspicuous area of the sofa. Result: refreshed surface of the sofa, began to paint brighter spot removed. Gloves during cleaning is not used, so the skin on his hands became a little dryish, and the whole skin of hands.

Tinka: I use the “Cinderella” for about 5 years, it means pretty, but some stains and cleans. The main use for the removal of stains formed foam, not very liquid. First add foam on the problem area, leave it to soak in, then an additional brush and rub the stain is coming off itself.

Vanish (vanish) Carpet cleaners

k32Vanish (vanish) for carpet, cleaner provides deep cleaning, removing stains and accumulated dirt in the depths of the villi. The shampoo has a pleasant smell, so that after cleaning the carpet takes on a pleasant aroma and irresistible freshness.

How to use: The first step is a good vacuum coating. Vanish then diluted shampoo with cold water (1 part shampoo to nine parts cold water). Get the solution you need to whip until the foam. Then using a sponge need to evenly distribute the foam on the surface of the carpet and leaving it to dry completely. Apply the foam should be in moderation. After the foam has dried, a surface vacuum thoroughly. During this cleaning the room should be ventilated.
Powder Karcher (Karcher) Carpet cleaners

k6Powder Karcher (Karcher) for carpet.  Karcher perfect cleaning of all types of textile surfaces, including upholstered furniture and fabric melange.

How to use: Before applying the powder is diluted with water. And so, on the one dimensional powder cup (about 100 ml) to take the necessary 10 liters of water. The tool should be thoroughly mixed, then pour it into the tank of a special spray device.

Before you start cleaning agent to check on an inconspicuous area of the carpet. Also during the cleaning is aired.

Radiance use for cleaning carpets, upholstered furniture, textile coatings and any car interior. Components agents penetrate deeply into the fiber and thereby perform thorough cleaning lint along their entire length. It is effective to cope with various kinds of contaminants, namely fatty spots and tracks from the animals and the shoe.

After using the tools and carpet cleaning, vacuuming the surface to be processed. After cleaning the carpet takes on a refreshing color and brightness of colors.
Carpet Cleaner Amway (amway)

k71Cleaner Amway (amway) carpets used for cleaning carpets and furniture. It provides deep cleaning, removing stubborn dirt and protects the surface from further molestation dirt.

Application method: before using the cleaner is diluted with warm water in a proportion of 1 to 10, stirred until foaming. After that the foam is applied with a brush on the contaminated area and wait until it is completely dry (it takes about 6 hours). When the foam is dry, vacuum the surface.

Kira: I clean your white carpet cleaner from AMWAY. Special stains were not there, but he strongly turned gray. The result is very much, the carpet has become much lighter and fresher.

Tonya: A year ago, spread a carpet in the nursery, in six months it has become very dirty, try to clean it by various means, but it was the devil confused. Children always find something to smear the carpet, only then labor to bring forth, dislodging it. The miracle did not immediately believe, as the spots were really strong. With its foam soaked yesterday, so much so that he was all wet, which is not recommended. Cox all night and half a day. After vacuumed was shocked !! The spots have disappeared, and it was just like a brand new !!!

No less effective carpet cleaning can be done with the help of folk remedies, about which more will be discussed in this article. After all, give it to the dry cleaner is not the best option, as in these places use only funds that contain chemical compounds and acids under the influence of which will deteriorate the quality and color of your carpet.

To make this home remedy you need 1 gram of detergent, combine with 1 gram of turpentine, and then these ingredients are diluted with 1 liter of lukewarm water. The tool is applied to soiled portions of 25 minutes, and then using the same wet rag wipe and the surface is well dry.
Sauerkraut. How strange it sounds, but effectively clean the carpet, you can use sauerkraut. To do this you will need plain sauerkraut, cooked only without the use of vinegar. Now we take the cabbage, squeeze and fall on the desired surface. If you can not stand the smell, the cabbage can be slightly pre-wash. Then take a brush and start to clean. Clean up is necessary until the cabbage is sulfur. Then compile it in a colander, rinse under running water and use cabbage again. After the procedure, the carpet can not go until it is completely dry.
Cooked salt. Use the same method as in the previous described method. First, scattered on the contaminated surface Extra mole, then thoroughly treat the surface with a brush and then sweep away her soaked in warm water with a broom. Follow this procedure a couple of times, and then vacuum the surface.
Clean snow. So as not to take advantage of this wonderful opportunity. Take out your carpet on the street, spread it, and sprinkle with snow, then sweep up it. Do this several times, and your carpet will be perfectly clean.
Spot of tea or coffee. First, blot the area with a dry cloth, and then treat it with a brush using soap solution. If this is a long-standing spot, while at night, rub glycerin into it, and in the morning treat soapy water.
Bloodstains. As only cold water can be removed from other things, the blood stains from the carpet. If this is a long-standing spot of blood, you first need to soften it by putting a wet rag on him for a few hours. After that, clean this place brush with cold water.